Friday, 10 June 2011

Hidden Benefits?

Yes I whinge about the Frenchman's obsession with cycling.

A lot.

But I can't deny there are moments that make me realise all the training and sacrifices are starting to pay off:

Recent moments of pride, in ascending order of levels of girly 'swooning':

1. Watching him zoom past me at the speed of sound

(just before I start screaming along the lines of "ALLEZ Move your lazy ass! What the fu*k is this, a warm up?!" - he says it's quite motivational, honest!)

2.  Seeing him smile with a medal around his neck

(He can be forgiven for placing "only third" (his words, not mine), given the poor thing does have to wear bright orange as his team strip, a handicap by itself....)

3. 'Accidentally' observing the morning fitness regime.....

he he he he

Maybe it's not so bad being a cycling widow after all..... ;-)

p.s - The Frenchman is raising money for leukaemia research through his race, a cause very dear to his heart - so if you read this, please, please, please take a little bit of time to sponsor him at Every little helps.

And I get to make the most of 'Mr Muscle' for the next 37 days ;-)

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